Corporate Health

HealthWISE Corporate Health & Wellbeing Programs

The link between healthy employees and productivity at work is proven.
By valuing the health and wellbeing of employees, your company will reap the benefits of comparatively
lower absenteeism, higher productivity, enhanced corporate loyalty and improved job satisfaction.
Research shows that an effective corporate health and wellbeing program:

  • Is practical & accessible
  • Offers health services and education to individuals or groups
  • Aims to develop a culture of wellness into the work environment and the company structure
  • Is linked to existing support programs (such as an Employee Assistance Program though which Employees can access individualised Psychology, Dietetics or Physiotherapy services)
  • Is comprehensive; operates and delivers outcomes over time
  • Will promote a positive corporate culture that demonstrates to employees that they are valued.

HealthWISE has the expertise to provide effective and local preventative and primary health care services. Our mission is to change the mindset of health from sickness to wellness and we have the flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

HealthWISE offers

  • On-Site Health Assessments
  • Education
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Drug & Alcohol Screening
  • On-Line Tools

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