Mental Health Month

Connecting with others is important for our health and survival. Research tells us that feeling connected, valued and loved by others gives us a sense of security, support, purpose and happiness. Close connections and good relationships with others allows us to enjoy the good times in our lives and helps us deal with the hard experiences we face. This is important for all of us! Unfortunately in today’s society, we have many demands on our attention and time, and more people experience loneliness in Australia than ever before. As social beings, this can affect all aspects of our wellbeing.

To help encourage people to connect with others, the theme for Mental Health Month 2017 is: Share the Journey This theme focuses on the importance of social connections in: Our journey to better mental health and our ability to cope with life’s challenges. Good social connections not only improve our overall mental health and wellbeing, they also build our resilience. When we make connections it helps to normalise our feelings and gives us the opportunity to express ourselves as individuals, we can worry that we wont fit in or that we will have nothing to contribute but it is often the first step towards inclusion that is the most difficult

Finding the right place to start the journey is a difficult decision when you are feeling isolated and alone especially if you have been through a difficult time  but the first step could be looking around you now and seeing the possibilities – this might be striking up a conversation at the kids sports ,participating in the park run or looking at what events are on locally that interest you .Once you get out there often opportunities will present themselves, joining a social club or volunteering at community events. There is no prescribed amount of time or people you need  to connect with to promote your mental wellness. Dont forget the role social media can play in connecting with people

HealthWISE offers a range of mental health services that can help

  • If you have symptoms of Anxiety or Depression that last for more than a few weeks
  • If you or your partner  are pregnant or recently had a baby and are finding this difficult
  • If you have recently been in hospital after a suicide attempt
  • If you feel that something is not right and things are not getting better
  • There are a number of ways to see HealthWISE Mental health clinicians ask your GP or midwife or

E-mail  to find out more about the services HealthWISE offers and the fees.


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