Partner With Healthwise

HealthWISE New England North West was established in 2015 to generate primary and preventative health activities specific to the needs of our various communities. We strive to change the mindset of health by improving access to opportunities to be healthy for the people who live here. We recognise the social determinants of health and the unique characteristics of our region. We believe it is possible for every individual to make choices that result in a healthier self and our purpose is to make these choices easier. Our vision for sustainable, efficient and effective service delivery is made possible through our partnerships. We currently partner with a range of agencies across our portfolio of over 21 current projects.

A partnership with the Hunter New England Central Coast Primary Health Network enables us to deliver mental health services, allied health services and Aboriginal health access services across our area through a network of both employed and contracted providers. Working in conjunction with the NSW Rural Doctors Network we also deliver medical specialist outreach services such as Gynaecology, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, Rheumatology and Dermatology. Alongside local government stakeholders we seek to address the social determinants of health across sectors such as education, environmental and community infrastructure. Improving health literacy amongst our communities is one initiative already underway driven by the Healthy Futures Network. Working in partnership with the Aboriginal Medical Services across the region such as Pius X, Tamworth, Armajun and Wallhallow (and others) we are able to offer services locally designed and implemented to suit our Aboriginal communities. HealthWISE is working with Alzheimer’s Australia NSW and the Australian Heart Foundation on delivering exciting new local health solutions.

An experienced, innovative and flexible team share this vision, led by HealthWISE Board and CEO, Fiona Strang.

To seek further information about HealthWISE or to partner with us, contact Sally Urquhart