HealthWISE Policies

Consumer privacy notice – website

4.1 Privacy – Australian Privacy Principles

5.0 Quality Policy Statement

5.7 Complaints Management

5.7.1 Complaints Procedure

5.7.2 Complaints Form

10.10.1 Policy for Mgmt of Personal Information HealthWISE- handout for clients 18.07.17

These policies are available to stakeholders upon request. Please contact your closest HealthWISE office for more information.

Quality Framework and associated Policies
Work Health and Safety Policies
Risk Management Framework and associated Policies
Communications Policies

Clinical Governance Policies

Clinical Governance Framework Policy
Clinical Records Administration and Client Identification Policy
Clinical Incident and Open Disclosure Policy
Keep Them Safe Policy
Abuse and Neglect Policy
Equity of Access Policy
Clinical Audit Policy
Clinical Supervision Policy
Health Service Provision Policy
Care Planning and Evaluation Policy
Care Coordination and Clinical Handover Policy
Involvement of Carers Policy
Advocacy Policy
Attendance Policy
Clients and Criminal Justice System Policy

Community and Partnerships Policies

Stakeholder Management Policy
Health Literacy Policy
Health Promotion Policy
Service Coordination and Integration Policy

HealthWISE Feedback Poster

HealthWISE Privacy Poster

HealthWISE Rights and Responsibilities Poster