Speech Pathology

HealthWISE provides speech pathology to assist children and adults of all ages with communication and swallowing difficulties or disorders. We offer the highest quality service to give you individualised attention.

On this page, you will find information about:

How we can help

We can help if you, or your child, are having difficulties in the following areas:

  • speaking issues i.e. not pronouncing certain words
  • understanding language
  • listening
  • reading and writing
  • social skills
  • swallowing
  • stuttering.

Communication difficulties may be due to developmental delays, stroke, brain injuries, learning disability, intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, dementia and hearing loss, as well as other problems that can affect speech, language or swallowing food and drink safely.

We work with family members, carers, teachers and other people important in the lives of our clients to help support and implement their therapy program.

Read testimonials to learn what our clients say about us.

Our Speech Pathologists

Rany Chou

  • Based Full Time in Tamworth
  • Travels regularly to Boggabri & Narrabri

Rany is a certified practising Speech Pathologist, living in Tamworth. She has previously worked in Sydney at the Macarthur Children’s Developmental Clinic as a member of a trans-disciplinary team. She holds her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Sydney.

Rany is an enthusiastic multilingual Speech Pathologist with experience working with people of all ages and abilities. She has a passion for language, music and sports.

Fees and payment for private appointments

The below fees apply to our speech pathology sessions:

  • Initial appointments from $90
  • Assessments from $300
  • Treatment sessions $120

You may be eligible for a Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebate, which reduces the amount to be paid for each session.

Payment can be made via EFTPOS (all credit and debit cards accepted). No cash or cheque payments will be accepted.

Book your appointment

Speak with your GP about a referral to HealthWISE or contact Rany Chou at the Tamworth office on (02) 6766 1394 to book a private appointment.

Rany is based full time in Tamworth and travels regularly to Boggabri and Narrabri.

Skype consultations are also available.


HealthWISE is a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) accredited provider. We accept NDIS referrals for both therapeutic supports (7 years of age +) and early childhood supports (birth-7 years).

Read more about our NDIS services.

What our clients say about us – testimonials

Find out what two of our clients say about our speech pathology services:

Client – Jack, 11

Parent: “When Jack was first diagnosed we didn’t know how to help him. Regular speech therapy sessions taught us a lot about how to make play more interesting for Jack and how he could learn certain skills simply through play. Our Speech Pathologist helped us link with other helpful resources and made therapy fun. It was great to have someone to talk to about the problems we were experiencing at home who understood Jack’s behaviour”.

Jack: “My Mum suggested I try speech therapy to help me with my talking and I was nervous before my first appointment because I wasn’t sure what to expect. My therapist was friendly and helped me set therapy goals. Therapy gave me the confidence and practice I needed to communicate better with people who didn’t know me”.

Client – Kody, 5

Parent: “Kody loves going to see the Speech Pathologist.  He gets to play games and earn stickers and at the same time I see what he can do and what he needs help with. This means I can help him better at home. Kody has settled in much better at school this year and I think speech therapy has helped him talk to and understand other children and his teachers”.