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The Exchange in Armidale – April 22, 2021

This event is supported by the NSW Government

Living a More Sustainable Life

A diverse group of women from around the region came together at the Tattersalls Hotel on Thursday, April 22 for The Exchange, a HealthWISE initiative focused on the meeting of minds and sharing of ideas. In keeping with Earth Day, the theme was sustainability. “We do know that our actions have an ongoing impact,” HealthWISE chief executive and panel host Fiona Strang said. “The house we live in, the breakfast

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Emma’s call to action

If you were one of the lucky ladies who attended the Armidale Exchange, you would know that we promised you one more pearl of wisdom from our presenter Emma Stilts, President of Manilla Community Renewable Energy, about how to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle. A little hint … 💲💲💲. Hmm, interesting🧐

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The Exchange Panel - April 22, 2021

Fiona Strang 

Fiona Strang has led HealthWISE as CEO since the organisation was established in 2015.

Fiona leads ‘The Exchange’ panel bringing women in business and leadership roles together to share their professional hacks, stories and insights.
Fiona sees The Exchange as an opportunity for women across the New England North West to explore future opportunities for networking, share ideas, skills and experiences and link with like-minded women their experiences of business. 

The Exchange was established in 2019, as an initiative of HealthWISE, to foster an exchange of ideas between women in business and leadership roles. 

Emma Stilts

Manilla Community Renewable Energy

Lyn Rickard

Lyn is acting as the General Manager for TAFE Digital, TAFE NSW, and is based at Armidale. Starting her career with TAFE NSW as a part-time teacher in 1992, Lyn has held numerous executive roles and has a strong background in managing and leading teams through organisational change.

Lyn is an active mentor as part of the TAFE NSW Mentoring Program facilitating capability development, sharing of ideas and experiences with mentees across the many different business units at TAFE NSW. With a strong teaching background, Lyn is adept at driving cultural change with the student at the centre of decisions made. Lyn knows the impact education can have on people’s lives, and her focus every day is to change and enhance the lives of students through education and training.

Dr Amy Ashman

Amy is an Accredited Practising Dietitian working as a Primary Care Dietitian at HealthWISE in Armidale. Amy completed her Bachelor of Nutrition at the University of Newcastle in 2012, and went on with further studies at the University of Newcastle to receive her PhD in Nutrition and Dietetics in 2017. Amy’s PhD research looked at how dietitians can best work alongside Aboriginal Australians to optimise health for mothers and their children in pregnancy and early childhood.

After the birth of her child in 2018, Amy was inspired to get involved in local community groups Climate Action Armidale and Sustainable Living Armidale and advocate for a bright future for current and future generations. Amy is passionate about sustainable living and particularly the role food plays in optimising both personal and planetary health. In her spare time she and her husband can be found pottering around the vegetable garden, with their young son in tow.

Dr Sue Watt

Sue moved to Armidale in 2003 to take up a position as a lecturer in psychology at UNE. She fell in love with the town and the university and has stayed here ever since. Sue is also a registered yoga teacher and runs a yoga studio in Armidale called Yoga@TheStudio. The studio operates as a collective of three yoga teachers who share a vision of promoting calmness and wellbeing in body and mind through yoga practice. 

Yoga@TheStudio is best described as a micro-business. The premises are small, and yoga is not our teachers’ principal source of income. This takes the pressure off and allows us to run small, intimate classes. Many people run micro-businesses that allow them to pursue a passion or explore an idea. Yoga@TheStudio is one such business.

October 2020, The Exchange: Mentoring & Networking

This event was supported by the NSW Government

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June 2020 The Exchange: Business Impacts – planned and unplanned

This event was held June 2020 and was  convened via video due to COVID. This didn’t dampen our spirits, as our panellists were just as inspiring and insightful as our our first meeting.
Guest speaker Jane Lampe, shared her experience of running a floristry business following the unplanned impact of an adverse health diagnosis and treatment.
Jane joined our panel of business women from across the New England North West who shared their experiences of establishing a business, expanding an existing business and coping with the impacts of changing economic and environmental conditions.

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The Exchange 2019

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